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In today’s world, more and more is demanded of us every day. Many of us work one or two jobs, some take classes, are moms and dads, doing chores, and just trying to squeeze in time to take that spinning class. It’s no wonder there are so many drinks and supplements that promise to boost energy levels!

The problem is, most of these energy drinks and bars are filled with chemical substances that, while they may make you feel more energetic, often have a range of negative health consequences. In fact, research demonstrates that energy drinks, especially for teens and young adults, have little to no therapeutic effect and can lead to health problems like seizures, psychosis, and insomnia.

The good news is, you can boost your energy and promote wellness by using essential oils and plant extracts from natural products with a range of scientifically proven benefits, including naturally making you feel more energized. Two natural products in particular – grapefruit and lime – have great potential to improve your wakefulness and alertness, without a jittery side effect. Read on to see how these two fruits will keep you moving for a more productive, uplifting, and satisfying day.


The grapefruit is a juicy, bittersweet citrus fruit slightly larger than the orange with a thick peel, and is the result of the spontaneous hybridization in Barbados between the pomelo (or pummelo) and the orange, both of which come from Asia. While it has grown in the West Indies since at least the 18th century, it wasn’t widely known in the US until the 20th century. Today, there are at least 10 different varieties of grapefruit.

History of Health Uses

Because it is a hybrid, grapefruit is a relatively new food. For this reason, grapefruit wasn’t traditionally used as an herbal treatment for ailments. Only recently have we begun to identify the many health benefits of grapefruit. Today, we know that grapefruit is low in calories, a good source of vitamin C, and a provides a range of vitamins and minerals.

How It Boosts Your Energy and Your Health

Grapefruit essence is prepared from its flowers and can be used to help ease stomach discomfort, support the lymphatic system, and energize our senses. Grapefruit pulp has been used for urinary disorders, and its leaves have antibiotic activity. Additionally, the B vitamins in grapefruit help support metabolism to boost energy. And finally, grapefruit oil, with its fresh, citrusy smell, can boost energy when inhaled.

To take advantage of the benefits of grapefruit for your health and energy levels, you can eat the whole fruit, use it for aromatherapy through oil diffusers, or sip some Grapefruit and Black Tea.


Lime is a citrus fruit, like lemon, but tangier and with green skin instead of yellow. If you only use it in the kitchen to add some tanginess for your tacos, you are really missing out! Lime has important health and energy-boosting properties.

How It Boosts Your Energy and Your Health

Lime contains active compounds called flavonol glycosides. These compounds come from a larger class called flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Lime has been used in different preparations and for a range of health benefits, including:

  • support skin health

  • improve digestion

  • promote oral health

  • restorative and tonic substance

  • antibacterial properties

In aromatherapy, lime is incredibly beneficial for boosting your energy. You can take advantage of this property by using an essential oil diffuser, or for an easier and more convenient method, keep some Grapefruit and Lime Towelettes in your purse, car, and desk drawer to use any time you feel your mind drift or energy depleted. With their natural antibacterial properties they’re great for a refreshing cleanup.

We might not be able to take a ten-day vacation anytime we want, but we can take a ten-minute break to reset our energy levels. You don’t need to depend on foods and drinks with questionable ingredients to boost your energy. Instead, integrate more stimulating and naturally up-regulating grapefruit and lime into your diet. Take a few minutes, breathe in these essential oils, and enjoy their energy promoting benefits and refreshing aromas.


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