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Looking to get into the Spring spirit? Try incorporating some of these essential oils into your routine, not just for the spritely scents, but all of the benefits as well.

FENNEL With an aroma reminiscent of licorice, this herb is traditionally known to be sprinkled on salads. Fennel, when in oil form, packs a powerful punch thanks to its many beneficial properties. As an herbal tea, it has been used in ancient Greece, Indian, and Asian cultures as a digestive aid. High in fiber, vitamin C as well as phytonutrients and minerals it can be supportive to fight infection, ease constipation, and boost health. By working as a tonic, it facilitates digestive juices and truly is a functional food. Consider blending with sandalwood, rose, and geranium for some sweet spring scents.

JUNIPER BERRY With a sweet scent, and a hint of balsamic, juniper berry essential oil is most frequently used for the renal (urinary) system, to fight infection, and skin health. In traditional medicine, this oil was used for its antibacterial properties. Those prone to UTIs, may find it acts as a natural cleansing and detoxifying agent and support healthy kidney and urinary function. While not as often talked about, juniper berry may offer emotional support as well — several traditional healing cultures have used it as a calming agent to help with cases of burnout, stress, and anxiety. Modern research on this essential oil is small but growing. All citrus oils compliment juniper berry quite nicely, so don’t be afraid to make some tasty blends with your favorite fruity scents.

BASIL When the weather heats up, the layers from winter melt away, meaning tee shirts and shorts. The cold weather may have taken its toll on your skin, but basil essential oil is effective in enhancing dull-looking skin, and is used often in skin care products as it is known to treat acne and heal skin infections. This member of the mint family, in addition to its cosmetic qualities, basil oil can aid in ameliorating poor memory, and diminishes fatigue-induced distraction. We think it works so well, we included it in our Focus Towelettes.

LAVENDER As one of the more popular and most well-researched essential oils on this list, it’s no surprise that it is provides a long list of health benefits, which is why we used it in two of our products. As many would attest, lavender is a calming scent, which can be useful in treating migraines, emotional stress, and even depression. Have trouble sleeping? It has a well-studied impact on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it serves as a natural treatment for insomnia that goes back generations. Place a few drops on your pillow for the best results.

GERANIUM Historically used by Egyptians to promote radiant skin, geranium oils boast benefits that help the interior and exterior of your body. While modern research on this oil includes only preliminary findings, it has typically been used externally as an infection fighter and an aid to improve mental function. It just might be worth adding a few drops to your diffuser. But, if you take a note from the Egyptians, you can enjoy even more benefits as a natural deodorant and even a bug repellent for those outdoor spring barbecues you have been looking forward to.

GRAPEFRUIT Nothing says warm weather like citrus permeating your olfactory sense. Looking to drop a few pounds for bikini season? Put a few drops in your water or tea, or enjoy through the power of scent to reduce sugar cravings. In addition, grapefruit oil can promote digestive circulation, which help to detox, shed fluid retention, and positively affects digestion to get you two-piece ready in no time.


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